Diary. Subjects covered include: relationships within the Foreign Office, in particular with Anthony Eden; Cadogan's insight into the Axis campaigns in the Balkans; diplomatic concerns regarding Britain's activities in North Africa and Persia [now Iran]; reception of intelligence in advance of Hitler’s planned attack on Russia; Cadogan's opinions and influence upon Churchill's communications with Roosevelt, the voyage to the USA aboard the H.M.S. Prince of Wales and the drafting of the Joint Declaration/Atlantic Charter; voyage to Soviet Union with Eden to conduct talks with Stalin and Molotov, including discussion on future Soviet frontiers; description of a journey on the Metropolitan line from Marylebone to Wendover, with comments on urban sprawl; and Cadogan's first-hand accounts of wartime affairs and events, including damage caused by the Blitz in Westminster, news reports on shipping, and exasperated comments on the quality of B.B.C. news reportage.


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