Interview with Jo Swinson MP on #Equal Power: Northern Ireland abortion reforms, women in the boardroom, women and rape, local election results and MPs and maternity and paternity leave

Sones and Swinson discuss Northern Ireland and abortion reforms, Swinson cannot believe Northern Ireland is this far behind, especially in light of the Republic of Ireland voting to make abortion legal. The pair discuss devolution and how it impacts decisions of this kind, Swinson argues that this is a human rights issue and that devolution should not allow for human rights breaches. Sones asks about women in the boardroom and the recent government report. They discuss Swinson's book, 'Equal Power' and what advice Swinson has for women, focusing on looking at your strengths and recognising that we still live in a prejudice world. However, it is very important to listen to people and learn from those who have succeed. Swinson notes how important equality is for men and boys as improving the world as a whole. Sones asks about the recent local elections and the Liberal Democrats being the remain party. Swinson talks about how flexible being an MP whilst pregnant is, and paternal leave after birth or adoption.