Letters from Sarah Churchill to Clementine Churchill

Comprising letters and postcards written from Evreux and Chartres in France, about a journey with Henry Audley from England to Spain, June 1963 (2); from 58 Chester Row in London, about the death of Henry Audley, 18 July 1963 (1); from Marbella in Spain, about her plans to return to the United States, 26 September 1963 (1); from Rome, October-December 1964 (2); from the Campden Court Hotel in London, 3 December 1964 (1); from Lancashire during a theatrical tour, 18 September 1966 (1); from 53 Eaton Square in London, partly about the sale of one of her father Winston Churchill's paintings, April-May 1972 (2); on an Air Canada flight, 18 December 1974 (1); from London, October 1975-February 1976 (2); from New York, June-August 1976 (2); from London, October 1976-October 1977 (5); and from New York, about exhibitions of her paintings in the United States, undated [1977] (2).

With an invitation to an exhibition of her paintings in London, 19 November 1975.


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