Letters from Clementine Churchill to Sarah Churchill

Comprising letters written from 10 Downing Street, about Sarah Churchill's appearance in J. M. Barrie's play "Mary Rose", 2 July 1941 (1), enclosing a letter from Lady Cynthia Asquith, 1 July 1941(1); from Himley Hall in Dudley, during a visit to Lord Dudley, November 1941 (2); from 10 Downing Street, reminding Sarah Churchill of her promise to help on Flag Day, 28 July 1943 (1); from Quebec in Canada, during the Quebec Conference, 22 August 1943 (1); from 10 Downing Street, about Mary Churchill, 29 November 1943 (1); from Chequers, partly about a visit from John Gilbert Winant, 12 December 1943 (1); from 10 Downing Street, January-July 1944 (3); from 10 Downing Street, partly about Randolph Churchill, February 1945 (2); from Cairo in Egypt, en route to the Soviet Union, 29 March 1945 (1); from 10 Downing Street, 12 June 1945 (1); from Chartwell, about Mary Churchill's return, 12 September 1945 (1), and from 67 Westminster Gardens in London, [1945] (1).

With a letter and a typescript diary letter about the journey to Canada, the Second Quebec Conference, and Winston and Clementine Churchill's visit to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's home at Hyde Park, New York in the United States, 6-18 September 1944; a typescript copy of a letter from Clementine Churchill to Winston Churchill, from the Soviet Union, undated [April-May 1945]; and a telegram from Winston Churchill, undated [1945].


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